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Q: What are baby sleeping bags?
A: Recommended by SIDS organizations, baby sleeping bags were designed as a safer alternative to baby blankets. Baby sleeping bags are worn over top of your baby's regular pyjamas to help ensure that your baby stays safely covered while he/she sleeps - no more wiggling out of the blankets and getting cold!

Q: Is fleece breathable?
A: High performance fleece is considered “100% breathable”, offering great air circulation, despite being a polyester fabric. In fact, a high quality polar fleece is more breathable than an equivalent weight cotton jogging fleece.

Q: Why aren't baby sleeping bags long sleeved?
A:At first you might think: "The baby's little arms will get cold!" But the concept of baby sleeping bags is built around layering the baby's pajamas inside the sleeping bag, kind of like when you go hiking or running. For instance, if it is cold, your baby can snuggle down in heavier, long-sleeved pjs inside the sleeping bag, but if it is warmer you have the option of using lightweight pjs or just a diaper. This gives you versatility so you don't have to invest in 3 or 4 different types of baby sleeping bags. As well, by being able to vary what goes on under the baby sleeping bag you can ensure your baby is always getting adequate airflow.

Q: What is fleece exactly?
A: Fleece is a technical fabric, originally created by Malden Mills in the 1970s as a wool alternative for the oudoor apparel industy. It is considered a "smart" fabric because of it's ability to wick away sweat and to dry quickly. Because of these great qualities, fleece is a perfect fabric to use for baby sleeping bags or crib sheets for your baby.

Q: In what seasons should I use fleece?
A: Fleece is great for winter, spring & fall, but not appropriate for high summer.

Q: What is "wicking"?
A: Wicking refers to the fleece’s ability to move moisture along the fibers away from your baby’s soft skin.  Unlike cotton which will just absorb moisture, fleece is also quick-drying, meaning drool, sweat and other liquids dry quickly so your baby stays more comfortable..

Q: How does fleece compare to cotton?
A: Unlike cotton, fleece stays warm even when wet. It is also quick dry, protecting baby's soft skin from rashes.

Q: Are baby sleeping bags safe?
A: Yes! A properly fitting baby sleeping bag takes the worry of your baby getting tangled up in blankets or throwing off the blankets & waking up from being chilled. This type of product is recommended by SIDS Alliance.

Q: When can I put my baby in a baby sleeping bag?
A: Babies are often swaddled for the first couple of months. By 2 or 3 months a baby sleeping bag is ideal for babies.

Q: What should my baby wear underneath?
A: A baby sleeping bag is a wearable blanket intended to be worn on top of your baby's regular sleepwear.

Q: How do I choose a baby sleeping bag?
A: A proper fitting baby sleeping bag (appropriate neck and arm holes for the baby’s size) takes the worry of your baby getting tangled up in blankets or throwing off the blankets and waking up from being chilled. This type of product is recommended by the SIDS Alliance.