Our baby has enjoyed his fleece sheets, warm in the winter & cool in the summer...numerous washes & still look like new. - Anna & Kam, Vancouver, BC
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Discover, Shop and Celebrate Local

Monday, November 28, 2005

We are excited to be participating in the first annual "Discover, Shop and Celebrate Local" show on Saturday, December 3rd in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery. This event has been organized by BalleBC. In their words,

"When you shop locally, it's not like 'buying' with only a dollar sign attached- it's shopping locally and that means building the local economy, which is really like building the selfish and sustainable economy. You benefit. Studies have shown that much more money stays in the local economy when we buy goods and services locally.

Based on research done by local sustainability research company, Ci or Conscientious innovation, local goods and services is the trend to watch and embrace and will shape our future communities."

If you are looking for unique, locally made products come out and join us! The perfect time of year for cozy fleece products for your little one! For more information on the event visit: http://www.buylocalsupportyourself.com

Fashion High Handbag Competition

Monday, November 14, 2005

Köhlr Baby recently took part in a hangbag competition put on by Fashion High, part of Balle BC. It's a great competition with the top six handbags being auctioned off at the Crave Show ( http://www.craveparty.com/vancholiday_new.htm ). All the money from the auction goes towards funding the Fashion High sticker program. This program is aiming to identify locally made products and stores that sell them by special stickers. Another way to help educate about and promote supporting great local companies.